Romantic Weekend Getaway

The Romantic Weekend Getaway is here; however, the only thing missing is you!
You now have the opportunity to surprise your loved one, whisk them off their
feet, and head off into an exciting romantic adventure. Where?…Victoria
Canada; board the Victoria Clipper
and languish in romance at the
Victoria Marriott Inner Harbour.

This was the perfect choice for my wife, Maria, and I to have the opportunity
to experience a romantic weekend getaway together, away from the routines of
life. Before embarking on this wonderful occasion, we organized the
babysitting for our four kids, finalized various weekend projects and easily
arranged our transportation with accommodations to Victoria Canada.

Getting to Victoria Canada couldn’t be any easier. You can
choose airplane or boat; we chose to travel by boat aboard the famous Victoria Clipper. It’s fast,
comfortable, convenient and provides an appealing romantic atmosphere traveling
across the water. Life
couldn’t be any easier. The Victoria Clipper also offers all-inclusive getaway
packages including: transportation, accommodations and even sight-seeing

Getting to the “Clipper” is effortless. We simply had a
relative drop us off at the Clipper dock located on Pier 69 along Seattle’s
waterfront, 2701 Alaskan Way, Seattle, WA 98121 (206) 448-5000. If you’re
driving and need parking, that’s simple too, check out the
parking facility the Clipper recommends.

We arrived an hour before the scheduled boarding. This gave us ample
time to check-in our bag, pick up our boarding passes and proceed through
security. Be sure to bring the appropriate identification. Check
with the Victoria Clipper before leaving your home if you have any questions
regarding acceptable identification. You don’t want to miss the boat!

Once you’ve gone through all of the check-in procedures, boarding the vessel
is a simple process. Boarding is based on a first-come, first-served
basis. If you’re one of the first passengers through check-in, you’ll
likely board first. The benefit?…You get to pick your seat. There
are no assigned seats for this romantic weekend getaway, you pick what’s right
for you.

Once we found seats, most appropriate for us, we simply relaxed as the
boarding process continued for the remaining passengers. We checked out
the small “Duty-Free Shop”, purchased a breakfast basket and visited the
self-service complimentary coffee bar. With our food and drinks in hand,
we nestled back for a relaxing romantic voyage up Puget Sound to Victoria
Canada, the beginning of our romantic weekend getaway.

The trip takes approximately 2½ hours; however, time goes very quickly. We were easily engaged in conversation with
the Clipper’s crew, explored the aft outside deck and occasionally visited one
of the several restrooms. I was especially impressed with the stability
of the vessel. It was smoother than flying any commercial airliner.
If you’re anxious about boarding a vessel, the Clipper will most likely take all
of your anxious feeling away. Most of the time, you will not even know
you’re moving.

Arriving into Victoria is exciting.

Peering through the windows as we entered the port area created a magical
sensation. After all, this was our destination for a romantic weekend
getaway. We waited patiently in anticipation as we disembarked the
Victoria Clipper, collected our piece of luggage, passed through customs and
gingerly left the dock as the city of Victoria unfolded before our eyes.

The prominent landmarks caught our attention as we walked from the Clipper
Dock. The Parliament Buildings and the Royal B.C. Museum were like a
guiding light showing us the way into the heart of Victoria. Our venue of
romance was all around us as we further entered into the romantic weekend

Traveling with one piece of luggage made our
romantic ten minute walk to the Victoria Marriott Inner Harbour Hotel a breeze.
To the suggestion of my wife, we utilized a compact over-night travel bag on
wheels. This is the way to travel, light with ease, no heavy bags slung
over the shoulder.

The Marriott is easy to find. You can
easily walk, as we did, or take a taxi. We preferred walking, it added to
the magical mystery of exploring this romantic setting. Pick up a free map
from the Clipper and you’ll find the Marriott just behind the notable Fairmont
Empress Hotel, 728 Humboldt Street.

The Marriott offers some fabulous accommodation
, ask the hotel for more specifics. Of course, we
chose the Romantic Package, and the Marriott delivers! After our brief
check-in, with the help of the courteous hotel staff, we pursued to our Romantic
Suite on the 14th floor overlooking Victoria’s inner harbor.

Wow!!! What an elegant suite, all prepared with
the romantic touch, adding the essentials to our romantic weekend getaway. The elegant furniture, beautiful decorations,
accompanied with a gorgeous picturesque back drop of Victoria’s Inner Harbor
added a sensual suggestion. We were mesmerized by the romantic affect
with the room’s preparation. A waiting chilled bottle of wine consorting with
chocolate covered strawberries only amplified the romantic setting.

We took a moment to savor the time as we melted
away on the relaxing couch gazing across Victoria’s Inner Harbor. The
adjacent large bedroom’s soft, warm bedding simply added to the romantic
environment, providing our romantic weekend getaway with a stimulating touch. The Marriott had prepared it all, even the Romantic Aroma
Therapy Soaps.

We found it very appealing to simply enjoy the
romantic arrangement; there was no rush to engage in the typical tourist
activities, just relax in the wonderful romantic Marriott surroundings. The
weather wasn’t the most conducive for thoroughly exploring Victoria, but that
didn’t matter to us, we could spend quality time together in a lush romantic setting,
right in our hotel room. It was simply perfect.

After several hours of relaxation in our
magnificent room we headed out to explore the romantic wonderlands of Victoria.
Strolling hand-in-hand along the waterfront, looking at the glistening Victoria
lights dance on the waters reflection, makes for the most favorable romantic
occasion. We ambled up and down the streets of Victoria, no hurry, no
worries, just enjoying each other’s company.

Our meandering through Victoria’s streets put us
at the front door of a local restaurant, The Tapa Bar. The restaurant’s
outside looked very appealing and inviting. We couldn’t resist exploring
this cultural delight. Tapas are small assortments of food, typical in
Spain, and mouth watering.

We decided to order the “Tapa Platter For Two”
dish, fully loaded with a broad assortment of Latin spice, Spanish influence,
and a dash of Cuban, South American and Mexican delight. The food was
prepared by the specialty chef, Armanda, in the spacious open kitchen. We
were caught in amazement watching Armanda prepare the dish with such delicacy.
And even more so, the food was delicious, a highly recommended treat for the
romantic adventurer and adding the specialty spice to your romantic weekend
getaway. You can find the restaurant in the historic Trounce
Alley, just off Government Street.

For those who want to sliver away in your Romantic Suite, instead of
venturing out into the heart of Victoria, the Marriott provides elegant meals
directly to your suite through their astounding “Fire & Water Fish and Chop
House Restaurant”. You have the ability to enjoy each others company,
romantic style, eating a fabulous meal without venturing anywhere. And,
you’ll find the menu items are very affordable. A highly recommend treat,
and added touch to your romantic weekend getaway.

As time would have it, our romantic weekend
getaway could not last forever, we had to make the return voyage back to Seattle
aboard the Clipper. Our departure time was late in the afternoon so we had
ample time to check out of the Marriott, stroll the streets of Victoria and pick
up a few gifts for the kids. The Marriott offered to “watch” our luggage
while we strolled around Victoria one last time. This was very helpful, it
eliminated the hassles of pulling a piece of luggage throughout Victoria. (The
Clipper will come by and pick up your luggage too; however, you’ll need to have
it in the lobby before noon. If that interests you, check with the
Marriott staff.)

Upon boarding the Clipper for your departure to
it’s recommend to arrive an hour early. Similar to your departure in
you’ll check in your luggage, pass through customs and board the Clipper.
It’s a pretty simple task, just abide with all the security rules.

Our voyage back to Seattle allowed time to
recount our romantic time together. The moments we shared in
Victoria was like “time in a bottle”, it was priceless and appeared endless.
Our short time away seemed like days, for we had ventured miles together into a Magical Romantic Wonderland.