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East Or West, Romantic Holidays

Whether you’re embarking on a spur-of-the-moment romantic vacation or a cherished holiday for two that you’ve been planning for months, it can be tough deciding where to take your loved one on holiday. While classic romantic destinations like London, Paris or Rome may be within the reach for some, not everyone has the means to travel so far in the name of love! But rest assured, if you’re looking for a romantic holiday destination in the United States, there are plenty of options at your disposal.

For example, why not try a scenic tour of New England for a dose of romance on your vacation? Holidaymakers in New England will find a range of small, quaint towns in states such as Maine, Vermont, Connecticut and Massachusetts, which are enriched with a relaxed pace of life. The region’s spectacular scenery is characterised by country lanes, sparkling rivers and lakes, and rolling hills. If you’re looking for a place in the country to unwind and mellow out not far from home, then New England is sure to be a hit with you and your loved one. Moreover, the range of holiday inns and bed and breakfast services found in the area can provide especially romantic settings.

If you’re looking for seclusion on your vacation, Lake Tahoe also provides an excellent holiday destination. One of the largest and most visited lakes in the United States, Lake Tahoe is located near Carson City on the border between California and Nevada. If you and your loved one decide to visit Lake Tahoe, you’ll find a wealth of outdoor recreation opportunities in which you can indulge, including ski resorts, watersports, hiking and mountain biking. And at night, you’ll even find a range of casinos open, so you’ll have something to occupy yourself with at all hours of the day.

Or, alternatively, why not take a tour of Southern California’s most spectacular beaches, for a memorable romantic holiday for two. Drive along well-known California beach spots, including Monterey (home to one of the world’s largest aquariums), Big Sur and Carmel for stunning oceanside views. Or, cruise along the 17 Mile Drive, a legendary road which passes through a range of wild coastal scenescapes and dense forest spots for an amorous setting. What’s more, these beaches provide the ideal location for romantic picnics or an adventurous spot of kite-flying – perfect material for an unforgettable romantic vacation.

Travel to Jamaica For the Perfect Romantic

Are you looking forward to a romantic getaway on you next vacation with your spouse or partner? Planning a perfect romantic vacation can seem to be a difficult task. However, with Jamaica as your travel destination of choice, romance shall be represented in every possible aspect.

You may have some questions of whether or not Jamaica is the right spot for your romantic getaway. One thing you should first decide when planning your trip is if your trip is solely about a relaxing getaway or to include some adventure along the way. Jamaica offers a little of something no matter which type of trip you are looking for and can allow you to combine a little adventure with romance all at once.

Some of the adventures available that would be fun for you and your partner to enjoy together in Jamaica would be horseback riding along the beach, taking a boat out to enjoy some snorkeling, scuba diving or possibly swimming with the dolphins. Even a long walk along the beach can be somewhat of a nice adventure while being quite romantic at the same time.

If you are looking to stray from the adventurous side of things and keep the vacation to a true romantic getaway, Jamaica offer plenty for you as well. Just sitting on a terrace enjoying the spectacular ocean views goes a long way in my books. You can find a secluded area on a beach and enjoy a picnic while soaking up the sun and a few beverages or you could head out on a boat for a sunset cruise. Having dinner out on the deck with ocean and sunset views is one of my most favorite romantic events to partake in.

These are just a few of the great things to enjoy when you travel to Jamaica. There is truly something for everyone there. I would say that if you are looking to getaway on a romantic vacation anytime soon, start planning a trip to Jamaica. You won’t regret it.

Best Honeymoon Locations-Romantic

Honeymoon Destinations – A Question Of Personal Taste

There are lots of great romantic honeymoon destinations all over the world. Just think of a country and you can almost be guaranteed it will contain some great honeymoon places to stay. A lot of it is down to personal taste.

Honeymoon Luxury

If luxury is what you want, then the best honeymoon locations are invariably the ones that have the best hotels. Think five star with bed and breakfast or luxury cruise packages. If you want to be pampered as well, then a luxury spa is high up on the list. In these places you will find great massages, meals and opportunities for exercise and relaxation.

Adventurous Honeymoon Locations

This is perhaps the other side of the coin, but for some people they like nothing better than to climb a mountain or taking a sailing trip across the ocean. This type of honeymoon is obviously better suited to energetic young couples that are adverse to relaxation. You can find out about more great honeymoon locations at []

Popular Romantic Honeymoon Locations

Which brings us to more popular and conventional honeymoon locations. These are of course the romantic destinations in the world such as Paris and Rome. Without question, these cities are right up there as the best honeymoon destinations because they cater for almost everything. You will get to experience a different culture, take in great sights, stay in luxury accommodation and also have a sense of adventure. What could be better than travelling around Europe to get your marriage off to a great start.